Big Moose


1-2 guests

32 m2

One double bed or two singles

Free mini bar contents

Room description

A room with character. It radiates strength, honesty and boldness. The guest is “the guardian of a wild herd, and the room is his/her den at the top of a mountain where no entrance is granted if not earned”. The interiors are raw, clear and without any unnecessary processing. A few strong, rough materials and colours are used: the warm oak wood – cold concrete, warm brown – cold grey in the living area and rough ceramics – glass in the bathroom. The furniture is massive and heavy, while the image of the room is softened by the semi-transparent and furry fabrics. The central part of the room is dominated by a magnificent bed with a mighty frame and an option of curtain. The bathroom is equipped with a sliding door and glass wall with a moose graphics which can be linked to the living area to create more space and light. The room is directed to the north with the view of the mighty mountains for inspiration and energy. 

Room amenities

Room according to your style.....

Electric car charging station

Charge your electric vehicle while you attend a business meeting or during your stay with us.

Online reservation

Quick and easy online booking with secure payments.

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