Rawmeo & Industria


1-2 guests

23 m2

One double bed or two singles

Free mini bar contents

Room description

Rawmeo & Industria is a different romantic story. The primal and raw intertwines with the industrial, the raw is suffused with the gentle, the cold embraces the warm, and the old inspires the modern. Its intention is not to seduce with the mask of perfection, it is to awaken the authentic emotions in the primal embrace. It is in human nature to embellish. To add, subtract, change. It is the reason I desired to make an exception with this room. To create space without excessive embellishment and beauty treatments, thus the choice of elemental, raw and unprocessed materials. The facades are dropped and authenticity shines through.

Room amenities

Room according to your style.....

Electric car charging station

Charge your electric vehicle while you attend a business meeting or during your stay with us.

Online reservation

Quick and easy online booking with secure payments.

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