Tony's room


1-2 guests

30 m2

One double bed or two singles

Free mini bar contents

Room description

Tony Montana, quote from the Scarface (1983)

”You wanna waste my time? Okay. I call my lawyer. He’s the best lawyer in Miami. He’s such a good lawyer, that by tomorrow morning, you gonna be working in Alaska. So dress warm.”


Gold, leather and black – partial taboo of the modern world. That is precisely why we created this room which represents prestige and everything forbidden. The interior puts a special spin on everyday life as it is decorated with elements and colours which we usually do not use when decorating a home. A room that will make you experience your wildest dreams and spend an interesting night.

Room amenities

Electric car charging station

Charge your electric vehicle while you attend a business meeting or during your stay with us.

Online reservation

Quick and easy online booking with secure payments.

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